When I started, I did not imagine that I would get such an overwhelming response. It is our commitment to the science of Vastrushastra that helped us achieve this success. At the beginning, it was difficult to get staff- they were quite sceptical about their earnings.  But now they have become self-sufficient! Initially, people only believed in Feng Shui, but now they have started acknowledging Vastu Shastra as a dependable science. We have been successful in promoting this science in 22 countries; with our five overseas offices catering to the needs of global clients.

Earlier, no one could think of this profession as a source of livelihood. But now my students, who have started practicing this science, are doing really well. Some even flaunt their cars with pride for having purchased them with Vastu Shashtra’s earnings!

Have you inherited this science from your forefathers?

No. My father was in the Railways, I am the first generation Vastu consultant, and no one in the family is even remotely connected to this science.

How did you get involved with Vastu Shastra?

It happened by accident, as if I was destined to do this.  On completing my BSc from Ruia college, I started working as a medical representative, despite having had health issues [right from childhood], and family objections. After working for a few years, I obtained a drug distribution agency in partnership with a friend; it lasted for 12 years, until we separated. With this split I was shattered and disillusioned with life.  Till 1994, Vastu Shasta was nowhere on my radar.

Around this time, I happened to visit some book exhibition, and my wife, who has been a great motivator in my life, made me buy some books on Vastu Shastra. It was not a subject of my interest and I was so nervous and disillusioned with life that nothing interested me.  But due to my wife’s encouragement,   I started taking interest in Vastu Shastra, and in no time I was drawn to it like iron to a magnet-perhaps destiny was calling me! The interest grew to such an extent that I and my wife started visiting all exhibitions, purchasing all books on this subject! In three years, I went through thousands of books on Vastu Shastra.  In 1997, our Guruji Swami Samartha of Ambernath advised us to start a Vastu consultancy.

How were the initial days as a Vastu Consultant?

Many times challenging and sometimes humiliating too! I am known to be the only one in India to have brought maximum glory to this science,but also suffered maximum humiliation while promoting it. I underwent a series of insults, arguments, and ridicule till I proved Vastu as a science.  One day while I was arguing with someone for 40 minutes making a case for Vastu, a gentleman approached me with valuable advice for my life! ‘Avoid arguments and concentrate on people who are keen to know this science’. Then on, I started focussing on people who were curious and inquisitive about Vastu Shastra. The advice helped me create success stories.

Property exhibitions and Vasturaviraj are synonymous! What is the story behind it?

In 2000, I couldn’t afford to participate in exhibitions. When I told the organizer about my financial problem, without further ado, he gave me a stall and told me to pay later. I will never forget his gesture as that exhibition proved to be the turning point of my career.  I got 35 clients in three days! Later in the same year, I participated in the first MCHI property exhibition in Mumbai and even that fetched me good clients. It also helped the exhibition to get some extra footfalls.  Subsequently, organizers started approaching me and some started putting our company’s name in their ad to attract consumers.

Many people take this science lightly! How did you pitch Vastu Shastra in your early days?

No house is 100% Vastu compliant; some are 40% whereas some are 60%. I would question people about the use of buying a Rs. 40 lakh worth flat which was just 40% Vastu compliant. Instead, I suggested that they spend an additional Rs 10,000  to make it 80 to 90% Vastu compliant because either way they would invest many times over in interior decoration, and this  interested  people.

I was once invited by the senior wing of Maratha chamber of commerce, Pune. The question and answer session lasted longer than my speech. Finally, the chair, Mr. Atul Kirloskar had to intervene to wrap up the session and suggested me to start practice in the US, make it successful there and return to India, because people usually accept any product or service blindly if is endorsed by foreign countries, mainly  USA or UK! However, I was determined to make it successful in India itself.

 Some people feel Vastu Shastra is a myth! It is said that the door of a house shouldn’t open in the south direction. But many don’t face any problems for years despite not following this norm!

This ‘south ‘direction element is exaggerated; the biggest disadvantage of Vastu is, there are many Vastu practitioners who are ill-equipped with skills and knowledge. At times the south is better than the east or the north and brings greater wealth, but if precautions are not taken the wealth can vanish in no time too!

If too many quarrels take place in a household there is likelihood of some issue in the northwest, similarly, if a family is facing too many legal issues there must be some issue in the southeast.  Now, when I advise people anything I have more than a thousand cases to support it.

A few years ago, a Navi Mumbai builders group complained that their houses which were facing south and east were not getting sold. I offered them the right insight to help with the situation.  The flats got sold and the buyers too prospered in the property.

How has Vasturaviraj become a global name?

I conduct workshops in many countries. I have consulted more than 500 builders of Singapore and Australia.  Today I have offices there to cater to my international clients. Vastu Shastra in itself is an effective and reliable science. It only requires a dedicated promoter. In fact, even Marc Shaimas, the most respected name in Feng shui, practices Vastu Shastra; he has released his book Vastu Shastra-the origin of Feng Shui.

When I met his disciple at an international exhibition, he was selling the same ‘Shree Yantra’ an intrinsic part of Vastu Shastra at 200 times the cost of our price!

Being a student of the science faculty, I have a scientific perspective and my theories and recommendations are evidence based.  Vasturaviraj is the only company dealing with vastu in India, to have a dedicated research department. As an example, a house should have a lot of openings whereby the early morning sun rays enter  the house as they have the right UV (ultra violet) rays frequency to purify .

How powerful is Thane as a Vastu?

Due to urbanization, Thane’s centre point has changed. It has water bodies on its northwest and a city which has water bodies in this direction prospers.  Towards its southwest is Wagle Estate which has many industries and businesses, providing weight and stability to the city. Thane offers a good opportunity for investment, but between Thane east and west, east is better. Since Thane is blessed with lakes, if fountains are created on them, then the water would start rolling back and further add to its prosperity. I hope our local representatives pay attention to this.

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