Are you trying hard but still not able to achieve your goals? We often ask ourselves why only some people succeed but some don’t. We just say that it was his or her luck. But here is a man who defies this notion. He says it is neither luck nor destiny it is all about your thoughts. Your thoughts decide your fate and craft your life.

Mr. Ujjwal Uke, a retired IAS officer has conceptualised a unique theory –Ujjwal’s System of Productivity (USP) where he emphasizes on the importance of the sub-conscious mind. During his workshop he speaks on the mechanics of mind. “So, even if you are sleeping, we can still make an impact as we are communicating with our sub-conscious mind which is always alert to accept commands”, states Mr. Uke. USP is like plastic surgery. It brings a permanent change which brings out the beauty within. “It re-programmes your inner script”, adds Mr. Uke.

Under the able aegis of USP, people have cured their diseases, grown exponentially and have also enabled infertile women to conceive. Mr. Uke calls these babies as positivity babies. According to Mr Uke, “There are two levels of mind – Conscious mind and Sub-conscious mind. Conscious mind is what we see, speak and hear. It stops working once we fallasleep, whereas sub-conscious mind works round the clock, it never sleeps and is always engageddoing some or the other things”.

There are 35 trillion cells in our body all of which are controlled by our sub-conscious mind, which carry out the functions of blood circulation, digestion, breathing, to name a few and also work towards maintainingour physical and mental health. They are like a CPU that waits for inputs. Or in mythological terms, the Sub consciousislike Lord Hanuman, who obeys the commands from Lord Ram (Conscious mind), stated Mr. Uke.

As per USP theory whatever you say in your conscious state, your sub-conscious mind says, “Yes Sir”.  For instance, if you say that I will reach office late because of the auto rickshaw strike, then your sub-conscious mind just says, “Yes Sir” and all 35 trillion cells starts working in that direction ensuring that you will be late to work. They don’t understand what is good or bad they just follow commands of their boss just like how Lord Hanuman used to follow commands of Lord Ram.

According to the manuscripts, Hanuman was stronger than Ram but had to be reminded of his abilities. He would follow his master’s instructions and act. Similar analogy can be applied to our levels of mind. Our sub-conscious mind is much stronger than conscious mind. But it only realises its abilities if conscious mind instructs. That in short is the basic principle of USP.

Mr. Uke feels, “If you really want something in life to happen then you have to always say I am getting it. Your sentence should be affirmative as it eliminates negative word from the input. So, if you say God please don’t make me fall sick. Then sub-conscious mind eliminates the “don’t” in the sentence and then the input is as follows- God please make me fall sick. Instead one should say – I am always healthy”.

Mr. Uke adds, “USP has designed a specific grammar which if used as instructed, then our entire battalion of 35 trillion cells starts working in one directionto give usthe desired results”., assures Mr. Uke.

Mr.Uke has developed this USP theory over the years. After his father’s sudden demise, he went under tremendous stress. He wanted to come out of it. He underwent several courses and read umpteen books. Realising that all of them reach a point after which there is no solution or explanation, he underwent deep introspection in solitude. Taking a cue from thinkers like Darwin, Lamarck, Louise Hay, Richard Dawkins et al, he devised a logical interpretation which goes beyond contemporary thought.

We all have role models and have been advised since childhood to look up to people. Talking about his revolutionaryTheory of Memetic Resonance®, he states that having a role model is fraught with risks and can at times be downright dangerous.

Mr. Uke in his workshop makes you challenge your ability. He makes us realise the capacity of our sub-conscious through various activities. He will ask you to make an egg stand vertical. Majority of the people feel that’s an impossible task but then when few members of the workshop do it, then others also get confidence that they can do it. And eventually you see all succeed in making the egg stand vertical.

“Many people underestimate themselves. Will you purchase something more than the price at which it is quoted? Infactwe will bargain and try to reduce the price as much as we can. Everyone has to decide on his own price tag, his value. One has to decide his own worth and tell your sub-conscious mind you are worth this much”, smiles Mr. Uke.

One should enjoy his or her company. If you get bored by your own company, then how can someone else enjoy your company? One should not treat failure as defeat and should take it in the right spirit. We hardly have inventions to our credit in India? It is because of our treatment of failures. If someone fails, then he or she is written off completely. This hampers the person to experiment and take risk. We have become more risk averse compared to others.Marie Curie, one of the greatest scientists in the world has rightly said, “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is to be understood”.

More often than not, we walk with the burden of our past guilt and anger. It is a major obstruction in the path of success.Mr. Uke explains the same with interesting stories. His sessions are spread over two days, but no one wants to leave even during breaks due to the lovely interesting course design which keeps the participant glued to his seat.

His sessions are conducted regularly in the USP training centre in Pune. Besides this, courses are also held in Mumbai, Nasik, Nagpur, Delhi, Amravati, Aurangabad etc.


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