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Nikhil Ballal

Who knows better the importance of having a roof over his or her head than the one who has slogged to have one? Mr. Mustak Shaikh is known to have kept burning the candle at both ends, to reach a position where he is in today in the real estate space. Providing homes to close to 2000 families, Mr. Shaikh has done a phenomenal job so far and is expected to do many such wonders in the coming future.

Born in 1969 in a typical middle class family of Solapur, Mr. Mustak carved his impression on the slum redevelopment canvas. Considered to be the king of the slum redevelopment projects in and around Thane, indisputably, Mr. Shaikh has enjoyed preponderance, thanks to his top-notch work quality and fantastic working style.

The slum redevelopment master completed his schooling from Mumbai and in pursuit of higher education went back to his home town. “During that time, my family was in dire need of money. My father wanted me to complete my education at the best possible pace and quickly start earning”, explained Mr. Shaikh. He attained a Diploma from All India Institute of Local Self Government, and was expeditiously absorbed by the Solapur Municipal Corporation as a Sanitary Inspector. “Prior to being associated with Solapur Municipal Corporation, I worked for a brief while with a social worker”, added Mr. Mustak. A few years down the line, Mr. Shaikh found himself in a predicament when he received offers from Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) and a company based out of Dubai. “I owe my success to my wife Najma, who then helped me to get out of the catch 22 situation comfortably and advised me to take up the TMC job. She has been my source of strength throughout”, exclaimed Mr. Shaikh. The bug of entrepreneurship bit him when he was working with the TMC.

“Under the banner of Samrin Group that was led by me, my first project was in Koparkhairane when I received a piece of land from CIDCO. Alongside me there were around 40 people working on this project, and each of us had one thing in common and that was we did not have a proper roof over our heads”, elucidated Mr. Mustak. Rs. 5000 was collected from each of the individuals and in return a decent accommodation was provided to them. Thriving on the confidence sought from his first project, Mr. Shaikh decided to take his dream to the next level. “My second project was in Airoli, where I provided housing to 50 families”, added Mr. Mustak. After the completion of these two projects, he bought himself a 1BHK flat in Thane. “I always wanted to do something for the people. Providing quality affordable homes to people is my mission statement. More than the money, it is the blessing of my customers that I strive to seek”, expressed Mr. Shaikh. Samrin’s foundation stands on the upliftment of downtrodden (slum dwellers), improving their lifestyle, and not simply profit-making.

So far Mr. Mustak Shaikh’s story looks nothing less than a fairytale, but just like a spring which is required to be pushed down only to rise higher, the real estate developer did face some problems which tried to push him down. A man with a good head above his shoulders weathered all storms with ease and sailed through smoothly. It was only in 2004, when he took to slum redevelopment that he faced significant challenges. Clearly it was evident from his talk that slum redevelopment is not anyone’s and everyone’s cup of tea. “I faced a lot of criticism during that time. I was unapologetically fighting a court case, which was hampering my work”, stated Mr. Mustak. However, he fought tooth and nail, and ultimately won the case, at the expense of his home and other financial assets.

Providing shelter to around 2000 families in Diva, currently, Mr. Mustak has around 15 other slum redevelopment projects under his belt. This chivalrous character also believes in giving back to the society, which is evident from the fact, that he undertakes CSR activities. “With every form that is filled by our potential client, one child is provided with free meal, and with every booking, we plant five trees and take care of school fees of a child for a year”, stated Mr. Mustak. His solid dedication towards his work has been the building block of his success. Mr. Mustak Shaikh’s journey from selling his own house to building homes for close to 2000 families is nothing less than breathtaking.

Samrin Heritage

As city undergoes a metamorphosis as grand as Thane it definitely has a visible impact on its life style. Considering this the Samrin Group led by Mr. Mustak Shaikh has adapted construction activity to live up to the expectations of the residents who have chosen them for lifelong partnership. Samrin Heritage is the classic example showcasing Thane’s changing skyline and the modern day facilities that give money’s worth and an ultimate experience of good living!

Samrin Heritage is one of the most unique projects of Thane. It is the first Geo stress free project of Thane. Dr. Vinay Nikam, a PhD from IIT Bombay has a deep study on urban mitigation. He has designed Geo stress free homes exclusively for Samrin Heritage. Geopathic stress is the Earth’s vibrations which rise up through the earth and are distorted by weak electromagnetic fields created by subterranean running water, certain mineral concentrations and underground cavities. The vibrations distorted become abnormally high and harmful to living organisms.  Geopathic energies do not recognize boundaries, as they can pass through walls, windows and closed doors. It weakens a person’s life force, thus causing low immunity and ill health. At Samrin Heritage we have taken care of this ill effect and are neutralized says Mr. Shaikh. Such homes are usually seen in Germany and other European countries.

With the launch of this project, Thane will get its first Thermal comfort homes. Thermal comfort is the condition of mind that expresses satisfaction with the thermal environment and is assessed by subjective evaluation. The human body can be viewed as a heat engine where food is the input energy. The human body will generate excess heat into the environment, so the body can continue to operate. The heat transfer is proportional to temperature difference. In cold environments, the body loses more heat to the environment and in hot environments the body does not exert enough heat. Both the hot and cold scenarios lead to discomfort.

Maintaining this standard of thermal comfort for occupants of buildings or other enclosures is one of the important goals of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning) design engineers. Most people will feel comfortable at room temperature; colloquially a range of temperatures around 20 to 22 °C (68 to 72 °F), but this may vary greatly between individuals and depending on factors such as activity level, clothing, and humidity.

“We at Samrin Heritage have done construction activity by taking into consideration that the inside temperature is more pleasant”, said Mr. Shaikh. The exteriors are inspired by the legendary Peshwas, bringing to you a style of true Heritage living. These royal homes are regally crafted in heritage way!

This project is surrounded by lakes on three sides. It depicts our lake city in a perfect manner. It has spacious terrace garden luring butterflies and birds, rooftop swimming pool, club house, and electric bicycles. Only in such natural blending can a tired mind stray to get and relaxed. A beautiful oasis with multiple hues of greens and attractive landscape make Samrin Heritage a tranquil and serene project in midst of the busy city.

As Thane is always compared with neighbouring Mumbai, people like Mr. Shaikh are exploring possibilities of making Thane match world standards.


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