The starry feat OR Starry Ne(ne)xus!

Nikhil Ballal

Astrology has intrigued many. Though there are people who believe in it and others who don’t, they are sure fascinated and curious to know what is in store for them. But when they meet Sandeep Nene, they get to know the logical reasons behind doing certain things that would help them do better. Nene has healed and prospered the lives of more than ten thousand people in the last 25 years. Not only the businessmen, but also many politicians, sportsmen and professionals from various sectors seek his guidance. While talking to the KYT team, he spoke on how he chose astrology as his career, various services that he offers and his take on Indian mythology.

The different path

Sandeep Nene’s father had an interest in astrology. So he had heard of astrology and its details when he was young. This intrigued him further and he decided to pursue his career in it. After facing opposition from his family and friends, he decided to go to Mount Abu at Prajapita Brahmakumari World Spiritual University and took training for 14 years. It was after serving here that Nene strengthened his base in spirituality and astrology. He learnt the three divine virtues of concentration, endurance and sweetness. Though it is very unusual for people to see someone so young opt for spirituality, according to Nene, youth is the perfect time to learn spirituality. “When you learn spirituality in the youth, it helps you in your routine and gives you contentment,” elucidates Nene.

The world of astrology

Nene, along with his father, started studying patrikas and gave suggestions to people. As they benefitted from his suggestions, they started recommending him to others and in no time, he was one of the most sought after astrologer. He soon shutter downed his electro-plating business and started Vedant Astrology Consultancy Services and Energy Empowerment. He stresses on producing more positive energies and cleansing of the soul. His office has a meditation room where different types of meditation are taught. He focuses on the person more and believes in empowering him.He says that his practice has a rational base and thus is not blind faith.

Working towards the holistic approach

When Nene started practising astrology, he believed that supernatural powers exist. However, there are many people who do not believe in them and yet, they are doing great. But after the Blind faith eradication committee (Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti) put forward their views, Nene found out many people who were addicted to supernatural forces. “I realised that there are many who fear God and want to do everything they can in order to please him,” shares Nene. He was curious and sceptical about the supernatural powers then and started questioning everything. So he decided to stop believing in God and astrology and study it from the perspective of those who don’t believe in it. “After I started having questions, my inner voice gave me answers and I decided to study all these from a scientific perspective,” Nene adds. This has helped him have a holistic approach towards looking at astrology and energies. He often tells his clients who say that they don’t believe in astrology that it is a good thing and advises them to get the experience.

He requests the people who believe in God to look at those who don’t as someone with a different perspective, and not as an enemy. “Some thoughts of Narendra Dabholkar are really interesting and enlightening. Though we don’t know the assasin, someone killing other that just because he opposed their ideas, is definitely not the solution. They should have challenged his thoughts rather that finishing it,” states Nene.

Counsellor, when required

When you look at Nene, you’ll agree with me that he breaks all the stereotypes about an astrologer. Neither does he have a typical astrologer-ish dressing style, nor does he halt himself in the role of astrologer. “I’m not an astrologer, I’m an consultant. I also play the role of a counsellor whenever necessary in order to show the better side of the situation to the people. This helps them in clearing away the negative energies around them,” he explains.

The symbolism in Indian mythology

Nene has an expertise on Indian mythology and believes that all the characters are symbolic to some virtue or vice hidden amongst us. “If someone is in need of finances, he should subconsciously be connected to finance. Only then he would be able to act in that direction. In order to focus on finances, we have notes and coins today. In the earlier days, it was gold and mudras. So Goddess Laxmi is shown as the symbol of prosperity – one who is sitting on a pile of mudras and is bedecked in golden ornaments. When we focus on her, we are subconsciously connected with the similar energies,” Nene explains.

He further explains that Kurukshetra War shown in Mahabharata is nothing but the dual between the good and the bad in our mind. Lord Krishna has preached Gita on the war ground. This means that we have to take his teachings into consideration when stuck in the dual between the vice and the virtue.

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