Kolhapur’s Bling Connection

Jewellery is an integral part of Indian culture. How can a city known for its rich heritage and culture fall behind when it comes to jewellery? Kolhapur, the city which was ruled by the descendants of the great ShivajiMaharaj, is as famous for its unique style of jewellery as its forts and temples.Chipade‘saraf’ is more than a century old and is known for its authentic Kolhapuriornaments.

Uniqueness is the key

What sets GopinathAnantChipade jewellers apart from others is their passion for making exquisite gold and silver jewellery. Passion, along with years of experience and goodwill has earned trust of the people in and around Kolhapur. In 1893,KeshavMartandChipadeestablished this business. His sons Anant and Pandit nurtured the business. In the times when gold prices surged, they came up with an idea of gold plating on silver ornaments. The idea was widely accepted and became popular in no time.GopinathAnantChipadefanned out to start his own firm with the name M/s GopinathAnantChipade. Their jewellery is famed to be long lasting and thus preferred by their loyal customer base.

Located in the heart of Kolhapur city, this jewellery shop has been engaged in the art of fine jewellery making since the time of its inception.Banking on the skill of master craftsmen and in-house design team, the perfection is easily achieved.

This naturally resulted in helping Chipade jewellers build a reputation. MurlidharChipade claims, “Thanks to our loyal clientele, we are an integral part of every wedding and happy occasions. It is really an absolute delight to watch the family bedecked in our jewellery. That is our moment of pride.”

Perfection at its best

No matter where you are, it is utmost essential to strive for perfection, lest your patrons turn back at you.In order to widen their horizon and to provide more variety to their customers, Chipade Jewellers specialised in high quality diamond, ruby and emerald jewellery too. Along with this, they are also putting their best men and the best-skilled hands on job in order to preserve the fine handmade jewellery that gives it the authentic antique finish that is quintessential for Kolhapuri jewellery.

With the purest of the gems used, the jewellery surely dazzles its way in to the hearts of the people.

Despite various jewellery brands from other cities entering Kolhapur, Chipade Jewellers are not threatened. In fact, they are happy to face healthy competition in their city. “We have alwayswelcomed a healthy competition in the market. We believe that the competition constantlyhelps to keep us on our toes, it encourages us to evolve to suit the expectation of our patrons

Family that stays together… succeeds together!

The new branch of GopinathAnantChipadeSaraf and Sons was inaugurated a couple of years ago at Nagala Park. This was their first step of rebranding themselves. With a solid team of eight people consisting of four brothers, Bansidhar, Murlidhar, Giridhar and Tushar and their wives Shamala, Sanjeevani, Sonali and Radha, looking after the day to day working of the business and its expansion doesn’t seem like a herculean task!

Future has in store!

Chipade Jewellers aspire to be a leading retailer and wish to brand their jewellery. They are also looking forward to expansion. In the same pursuit, GopinathAnantChipadeSaraf have planned on adding two more showrooms in other cities of Maharashtra in the near future.


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