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I remember it was during my school days when our PT teacher asked me, what you want to do in life when you grow up?? I was clueless that time but I remember my answer today as well, I replied that time that I want to be famous and I want to be seen on TV. I was not really clear that time what am going to do exactly.

I laugh every time when I remember this dialogue. Days passed on and the time came when I had to choose a career option for me. I was very sure that am not going to do 9 to 5 office job. I wanted to do something different and one unique option in front of me was Journalism. It was not very popular career  option during those days, but I decided to tried it out.

I first started working with All India Radio as Trainee, it was for very short duration but I learned a lot during this phase. Meanwhile I got selected for ABP MAJHA in 2007 and my dream journey began with this.

Today its been almost a decade here now. I have learned and experienced lot many things here. With ABP I first started my career as reporter. Being a reporter is really a tough job when you are working for 24/7 electronic media. As a reporter you always have to be alert, attentive and well informed. finding out new stories everyday was really a tough job.

When you are a reporter- you need to be very informative

need to develop a sense for news

need to have excellent communication skills

you should be able to describe 100 lines story in five sentences

you need to keep lot of patience while working on your story.


I worked as a reporter for a very short period of time, say hardly for an year then i moved on for Anchoring.

as a common audience everyone feels what a glamour’s job it is. surely it’s a glamour’s job but you really need to work hard to that Glamour . Glamour and money doesn’t come overnight. i stared my career as Anchor in 2008. I was totally unaware about the anchoring style, attitude and everything. just remember your original behaviour reflects in your anchoring style so you always need to keep Calm and Cool while presentation.


Anchor is the face of the Channel and you get the Recognition as Successful Anchor at the cost of  lot of hard work and sacrifices.

Qualities to be A successful Anchor are-

-you should carry yourself well

-need to develop excellent Presentation style of yours

-you should earn mastery over the Language of communication

– you should know how to control your emotions otherwise you will mix up the news with our personal views and that’s not fair

-again you need lot of patience while handling every situation you face

– you need to be ” jack of all and Master of One subject”

-you always need to be alert and well informed everyday because you never know what is the next news going to come in front of you

-presence of mind is another important factor if you want to be successful anchor

-you need to be creative and should always be ready for new experiments

-never be biased about anything or don’t try to judge a situation with little information or just by knowing one side of the story.

-if you want to come here for Glamour, money and publicity then just second thought because it’s no doubt feels good to shake hands with popular celebrities or politicians or cricketers but asking the intelligent questions and drilling them up on controversies is you need to concentrate first.


handling Election results to terror attack I have experienced it in ten years. this has evolved me as a person and as an anchor. it’s a very creative and innovative field i would love to welcome   all of you who are interested to do something different than others.

This is the Job with full of  surprises everyday and i love surprises so am here and will continue for long surely.

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