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Creative advertisements are always remembered, and so are the brains behind them. Meet Amardeep Singh Vig, the owner of Ronak Advertising that created a niche in the Navi Mumbai media market and gradually spread across the country. While talking to KYT, Vig spoke about the inception of Ronak Advertising and the novel concept they have undertaken under PPP (public private partnership)

How was Ronak Advertising started?

After completing my post-graduation, I started working for an accounting firm. Soon I established a company called G Advertising and started selling advertisements on cable television and making ad films in 1992. I believe everything good starts with letter G and that’s why the name. Since, I was a Vashi resident, my first obvious choice for selling ads in Navi Mumbai. Gradually we progressed and entered markets like Thane, Pune, Cochin, etc. Today, we are a comprehensive communications company selling all media platforms. After getting INS accreditation, we renamed our company as Ronak Advertising as G Advertising already existed then.

How do you upgrade yourselves, especially in creativity?

Creativity is not taught it comes from within. If you have a flair for creativity, it comes naturally. In the other sectors like technology, the economics of the client play a huge role. We have brought certain foreign technologies in India and use them as per the clients’ requirement. The improvisation gives us the opportunity to customise the product according to the needs of the client.

Any incident when you enjoyed working the most?

I enjoy my work! I guess my journey itself can be counted as a memorable incident! Every day is challenging and everyday is interesting. We compete with ourselves – be it in creativity or business. That is probably one of the reasons why we are far ahead of our nearest competitors. The infrastructure of the cities today is dynamic and it requires us to challenge ourselves. So we keep on innovating. We do not allow complacency creep in our office. Everybody is busy with the work allotted to him.

Why did you opt for Navi Mumbai as your base rather than bigger cities like Mumbai or Thane?

Navi Mumbai is my hometown, so the choice was natural. Moreover, we started off with local television ads in Navi Mumbai and gradually worked up towards other media and cities. Besides, the Thane and Mumbai market was captured by other players, and Navi Mumbai market was comparatively newer.

With big, global players entering the Indian market, do you consider them as a threat?

Not at all! Firstly, as I mentioned, we compete with ourselves. And secondly, this market is too big for monopoly! There are many clients, lot of work to do. You have to mould as per their needs and you would be in the market. Once you prove yourself, then sky is the limit. We have been experimenting this market sentiment ever since we started the journey.

What is your business mantra?

To grab the opportunities that clients present us with. Be sure of where you want to go, you are bound to be successful. Success doesn’t have a single parameter there are many factors that see you through reaching the peak.

How does advertising create a long lasting impression?

The market has changed. Today, the market is like T-20. Everything is fast-paced. Too much information results in lower remembrance. I think, the market was smaller then and people were exposed to lesser ads. That is why they remember them so well even today. Many of today’s ads are creative, but since their speed of making public appearing is so fast that only few make a long lasting impression. Ronak has to its credit a better recall rate.

In such market conditions, what do you do to stand out in the market?

We first get an idea of what our client wants from us, what is his target audience, where they want their presence to be felt, etc. and plan ads accordingly. That way, only those who should be exposed to the clients’ advertisements remember their product.

How do you get involved with Smart City Project.

We have undertaken a Public Private Partnership project along with Thane Municipal Corporation under which we are beautifying the underpasses and converting underbridges in beautiful gardens and jogging tracks in exchange of few hoardings. The first underbridge that we converted was from Nitin Company to Cadbury junction where you can see a cycle track, a jogging track and a children’s play area under the bridge. Usually there are complaints of lack of gardens in the city. We thought that underbridges can be a beautiful place to construct a garden so that people can have greener spaces.Under the agreement, we also are responsible for maintaining those gardens. In next five years, we plan to go to other cities for the same. We are already in talks with local bodies of other cities for the same model.

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