Taste buds’ delight


Situated amidst the thick and dense green cover of Yeoor, Bombay Duck is not just a restaurant with extremely lip-smacking food but also a place where a dash of serenity leaves you enchanted. Surrounded by greenery all around, Bombay Duck offers a worthwhile experience to the food lovers. A comfortable seating arrangement in AC hall as well as an equally cosy set-up outside, Bombay Duck has become a preferred hangout place for children and adults alike. “Before Bombay Duck there were only a couple of places where people could have exquisite food, so my partners and I thought of starting something that would be a hangout and dining place for children and adults alike”, stated Soham Joshi, one of the owners of Bombay Duck.

Though the name might make you feel that this is a 100% non-vegetarian eatery, the wide variety of vegetarian food on offer is extremely delicious. “Schezwan Potato is a big hit among the veggie lovers”, exclaimed Soham Joshi.In addition, the non-veg foodies find it difficult to tame themselves when they smell the Dilkhushkebabs. The name of the dish literally pleases the heart.

A plethora of dishes are on offer when it comes to Chicken, Mutton, and Sea Food curries. One of the highlights of Bombay Duck is Chicken Do Rang which is served as a combination of two colours. This dish is not only grabs eyeballs but also makes the taste buds go insane. To conclude the main course, any form of rice is an essential pre-requisite. The envious taste of Butter Chicken Biryani clings along and stays with you till you have the desserts.“We serve some unique desserts like Honey Noodles, and Coconut Dumpling with Caramel Sauce which are very much loved by our customers”, averred Soham.

A perfect blend of good food and playful atmosphere is served on the platter of Bombay Duck with a warm-hearted staff.Bombay Duck opens at 11.30am and continues to serves its customers till the wee hours. Weekends are usually flooded with customers and weekdays are not left too far behind. To tantalize your taste buds and to experience terrific tranquility, Bombay Duck is the answer.

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