Nikhil Ballal

KYT – Tell us something about your
MM – I was born in a family where
literature was flowing in the blood of
everyone. My father being a Sanskrit scholar
wanted me to do something in the field of
Sanskrit. I remember that I had scored very
well in Sanskrit in the SSC exam. However it
was only months later the announcement of
result, did I realize that I had topped in the
subject in the Board (reminisces). I was an
eloquent speaker right from my younger
days. I actively participated in elocution
competitions and other oratory related
events. I did my schooling from Bal Mohan
School in Dadar and then completed my
graduation in Commerce from the
N.M.College, Vile Parle.

KYT – Being a Commerce graduate,
how did you went on to become an
Ayurveda specialist?
MM – After completing my graduation, I
started working in Andhra Bank. Though I was
working as a banker, it did not give me the
kind of job satisfaction that I was expecting. I
always wanted to do something for the
people. This thought inspired me to take up a
course on Naturopathy. It was a three year
course that I completed from Pune. From there
my journey to undertake research in
Ayurveda kick started. I took guidance from
the experts in that field and started a factory.
The initial years were characterized by
immense hard work, getting the medicines
tested and approved and so on. The dream
to become an entrepreneur was always alive
in me. From a saree shop to a shirt shop and
now finally Tanvi Clinic, I never let the bug of
entrepreneur die.

KYT – How was it to be a first of a kind
woman entrepreneur in such a distinguished
field? Did your family support this
venture of yours?
MM – I always loved what I did or you
can say I always did what I loved. To gain
knowledge about Ayurveda I read umpteen
number of books which gave me knowledge
about the herbs and their power to treat the
diseases. I attribute my success to these books
and the research I did to develop medicines.
Initially my family was not supportive of this
Tanvi business but gradually as they started
seeing the impact on the common man they
realized that I was doing something noble for
the society.Once I also treated my husband
with Tanvi medicines and since that day he has
become the ardent supporter of Tanvi
(smiles).Today I can call myself to be a proud
mother of my two daughters, who are working
alongside me in increasing awareness about

KYT – Is it difficult for you to change the
perception of common man towards
MM -The most common perception of any
individual about Ayurveda is that it is not as
effective as anti-biotics or Allopathy. People
feel that if they opt for herbal treatment or
medicines to cure their disease, it will take a
long time for these medicines to act on their
body. However I tell my patients that their
perception about Ayurveda is totally a myth.
To make things clear I will share with you an
example of my patient. Parkinson disease
was detected in VidyadharSahasrabudhe, an
American resident. As is the case with any                                                                                                                        Parkinson patient, Vidyadhar was unable to
drive his car and do anything on his own. We
all can imagine how difficult it could have
been for him, being unable to drive his car
in a country like America. One fine day, he
came to me with his woes. I suggested him
Tanvi medicines and to his surprise, after
taking the medicines over a period of time,
he was cured of Parkinson. Also I feel that
the lack of standardization of Ayurvedic
medicines trigger the common man to
perceive them as not so effective.

KYT – The journey of any entrepreneur
is inevitably hindered by some obstacles.
Was there any problem that you encountered?
MM – Yes, I remember there was one
such obstacle that came in my way a few
years back. After having set up Tanvi clinics
at different places, I aspired to start an
export unit. I was ready to go with the
export business, but something unfavourable
was waiting for me. I had ordered the
machinery and was ready with the team of
doctors. The MIDC plot of 5000 sq. feet
was finalized, but the prospective export
unit plot did not get an approval for five
long years. I was disheartened, but this
experience taught me many things. Apart
from this, I had to fight one more demon. It
was the duty demon. Typically the duty
charged on cosmetics is 40% and on
Ayurvedic products 16%. To my shock, Tanvi
products were classified as cosmetics and
were charged 40% duty. Though I tried my
luck at getting justice, at the end of the day I
still had to pay the wrong duty charge. Till
today I am paying the wrong charges( grim).

KYT- Despite the obstacles there are
more than 100 branches of Tanvi in
Maharashtra. How could you achieve this
remarkable feat?
MM-For this I would give entire credit to
my patients. All my patients have started these
clinics in their areas. After benefitting from the
Tanvi medicines, patients opened clinics in
their localities with an aim to pass on this
benefit to their friends and relatives. There
was a lady who was suffering from Cancer. In
the initial stage she met me. She also told me
that she wishes to have a baby but is unable to
conceive. We started Tanvi treatment on her.
After a year she was not only cancer free but
also gave birth to a baby girl. We nurtured
her baby with Tanvi medicines. Now the
mother and baby both are fit and fine. Since
that baby came in this world by taking Tanvi
treatment we call that baby as ‘Tanvigirl’ .
After this experience this woman has started a
clinic in her locality in Vikhroli.

KYT – Who is your role model?
MM – I am inspired by SubhashDandekar,
who is an eminent Industrialist and Chairman of
Camlin. He not only had confidence in my
Tanvi products but also encouraged me to
continue with my business. I remember one
such instance when my family did not allow me
to attend the Dubai festival, but Mr. Dandekar
stood by me like a rock and supported me
during that time.

KYT – What is your appeal to the young
and budding entrepreneurs?
MM -I believe that in today’s modern
world, men and women are equal. So if you
are a woman don’t be discouraged by the
inhibitions to start up a business. You should do
business in whatever you like. Undertaking a
comprehensive study of the subject matter is
essential. In the early stages of your business,
get your hands dirty. Learn everything and
become self-sufficient. Adhere to ethical
business practices and strive to maintain your
goodwill in the market. 3 D’s will help you
climb the ladder of success – Dedication,
Devotion and Determination.

KYT -What are your future plans?
MM – I want to start an Ayurvedic hospital,
wherein the patients will be cured only with
Ayurvedic medicines and treatment. To
inculcate confidence in the common man about
Ayurveda will be my primary agenda. After
having discovered different herbal medicines
to treat various malaises I now feel the need to
come up with Ayurvedic medicine to cure the
dangerous AIDS.

KYT – Can you tell our readers about the
kind of diet or the exercise regime they
should follow to be in the pink of health?
MM -Early to bed and early to rise will
make everyone of use healthy, wealthy and
wise.Minimum six hours of sleep is necessary
for every human body. Once you wake up
start your day by looking into the mirror and
observe the changes that your face has
undergone. Take out some time in the morning
to exercise and plan for your day. Do not skip
your breakfast because it is the most important
part of your meal. Ensure that you have a
healthy breakfast between 8 – 9am. You
should follow SatvikAahar(balanced diet),
which is not too much oily and spicy. Your food
determines the kind of thoughts that you
develop. The ideal timings for lunch is 11am-
1pm and for dinner 7-9pm. Remember, in the
summer, you should eat light food and in the
winter you can eat heavy. Gain all the energy
in the winter season and use it for the rest of
the year. It is advisable to eat every three
hours. Adhere to this rule – Whenever you are
thirsty, drink water and don’t eat. Whenever
you are hungry, eat something and don’t drink.
Despite being anywhere, never control your
sneeze, yawn or toilet visit.Avoid sleeping in
the afternoon. Sleep leads to cough and this
cough is the cause of all diseases. However,
children and old people can afford to sleep
in the afternoon.

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