Style, Substance , and “Sanzi”

Juili Kulkarni

Named after a contemporary Chinese painter and designer Sanzi, the venture of Mrs. Mekhala Karve is the epitome of ethnicity, where one can savour his or her taste for traditional as well as modern handicrafts. Such items are gaining quick popularity as people have developed a taste to decorate their homes with such unique and peaceful looking articles.

Having unabashed and unapologetic love for handicrafts, Mrs. Karve started “Sanzi” in 2005, after undergoing adequate field work. An MBA by qualification, Mrs. Mekhala always wanted to do something of her own. “During my childhood days, my mother used to stitch my dresses. Those fancy clothing always caught my eye, and probably it was then that I developed liking for hand-made and hand-woven things”, stated Mrs. Karve.

“Sanzi” houses a plethora of products which includes but is not restricted to brass articles, ceramic items, hand printed sarees, bedsheets, silver and imitation jewellery, etc. The beautiful Ganpati idols sitting on the shelves in the shop catch the eye as soon as you enter the outlet. “Most of my customers purchase for the purpose of gifting to their near and dear ones residing in foreign countries”, averred Mrs. Mekhala.

The products that are offered in the shop are outsourced from different states of India, for instance, the wooden articles are brought from Kerala, brassware from Aligarh, and Warli paintings from Maharastra, to name a few. In other words, “Sanzi” is a place where you can get access to the specialities of different states of India, all under one roof.

The shop is open on all days of the week between 10.30am and 8.30pm, but Monday. Special offers are available during Monsoon and Diwali. So, all those people who want to decorate their sweet homes with attractive decor, a visit to “Sanzi” is must.

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