Sipping And Reading, A Unique Cafe In The Town

No doubt Pune boasts of those famous eatery joints which are filled with food lovers be it weekends or weekdays. But in this continuous mode of competition where food joints are bust attracting customers, there is one joint in the city which loves peace and wish to keep the tenderness of leisure time alive.

-By Sukhada Khandge

Wari Book Cafe is one such joint in Pune which will give you that leisurely feeling of sipping a coffee while you read your favourite book.

Inspired by another book cafe in the town name Pagdandi located in Baner, Wari Book Cafe is a unique concept that wishes to keep alive the tenderness of enjoying a coffee or a meal.

A brainchild of its owner and founder, Satee Bhave Hall, this cafe has thrown open a collection of books owned by Hall to its customers. One can enter the cafe pay the bare minimum entry fee and can get an access to the books and other board games which is a part of this cafe.

Hall said, “This cafe is a result of a joint ideation of me and my daughter. My daughter Mana is a hardcore food lover and wished to do something in the field of food and I had a huge collection of Books. We blended both the things together and here it is, a book cafe for those who love to sip their coffee without any time constraint.”

She further added, “ I could feel that one is loosing out on tenderness in this competitive world therefore I wished to keep that innocence and peace of mind at its place and do something out of the box.”

Apart from coffee and books, the cafe also has timely workshops and interactive sessions and small timely exhibitions. In its unique concept, this cafe also has a unique creche for kids between 7 to 14 age group in the evening. Kids can come, read play and spend their evening time at peace in the company of interactions, creativity and reading.

In a bid to make sure that the reading culture does not die, this book cafe encourages reading by giving an access to a huge collection of books.

Hall said, “My husband Robin Hall is piano player and has a beautiful collection of music which he introduces to the cafe and people entering loves the music being played in the cafe.”

Wari Cafe is one such place in the hustle bustle area of Kothrud that can give you a peace of mind without bothering how much time you are spending in the cafe. Hall said, “Initially the cafe was open for all without any entry fee but later we came across a loss as people would spend the entire day without ordering anything. Now we have a minimum entry fee which can be redeemed on the food or coffee you buy.”

With unique designs and sitting arrangement, one can feel at home while you are in the cafe. This place is must for all those who wants to spend some time in leisure without any chaos around.

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