Shaadi aapki, Jimmedari hamari


As the cliché goes; “Marriages are made in heaven”, has broken the convention and redefined the process of marriage. Rishi Karwa, the founder of has successfully arranged marriages of close to 55 couples in a span of just three years. An MBA and a MA in Economics, Rishi set his foot on the much untraversed path of Marwadi matrimony.

The bug of arranging marriages bit Karwa in 2007, when he first conceived the idea of starting this venture. “The name was bought in 2007 itself”, avers Rishi. Since then he has been striving to achieve his dream of owning not just any other matrimonial platform but a top-class facility that will cater to the wedding needs of Marwadi community. In 2012, was born. Within the community, there are several sub-communities namely; Khandelwal, Agarwal, Maheshwari etc., and Rishi Karwa aims to find the suitable matches within these sub-communities. There are over 15000 profiles registered on the website. These profiles are from different Marwadi pockets of India as wellacross the globe with countries like Australia and USA

As is known, Marwadis are known to be one of the biggest business classes in India, and these business families are extremely conscious while bringing home a girl as the new bride as well as giving their daughters to other families. specializes in match-making of potential brides and grooms from the elite business families.

One of the unique selling points of is that it is a one-stop shop as far as the wedding fixation is concerned. Right from the profile making stage, to clicking photograph, to doing reference and background checks, Rishi Karwa and his team holds your hand till you find your perfect match. “I personally meet the potential brides and grooms on a one-to-one basis, understand their preferences, and connect the dots”, adds Rishi. is a thoughtful design where it effectively caters to the needs of masses (under the segment of Massy) and classes (under the segment of Classy). It is an end to end solution to address the wedding needs of eager families. The online platform and the human touch in the form of Rishi Karwa and his team makes a go-to option for those playing on the marriage field.

Apart from managing the user-friendly and exhaustive website, Karwa and his team organizes several events around the year, where the prospective brides and grooms get an opportunity to meet and greet one another. There are ice-breaking games conducted during the event. It is a formal and well-organized get-together, with the sole aim of match making. The introduction round is a fun-filled activity and is far from the typical. Algorithms are in play to decide the groups in which the participants will be divided based on their profiles. These conclaves have a corporate look as they are hosted by professionals and are technically enriched. “The boys and girls enjoy these events, and the lucky ones find their better halves during the course of the event”, exclaims Karwa.

Match making is no child’s business. After garnering considerable success in Marwadi marriage space, Rishi Karwa endeavours to spread his wings and facilitate match making among other communities like Maharashtrians, Gujaratis, to name a few, under the banner of “Beta Shaadi Karlo”.

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