Our planet is brimming with endless experiences and opportunities to learn from them. The more we wander, the more we absorb. Imagine trekking through the insanely verdant, Namdapha rainforest of Arunachal Pradesh, camping out underneath the sheet of stars on the white sands of Rishikesh or meandering through enchanting Naga villages, listening to their great histories. No textbooks will ever be able to take you across these experiences. They aren’t nearly as fulfilling or effective as traveling the world is.

Travel and understand the world, and expand your ethnic, artistic, and spiritual knowledge like you could never have imagined. Through educational travel:

  • You actually see, touch and enrich your knowledge of spaces and works of art you’ve studied about in the classroom.
  • You get to explore cultural differences. In communicating and interacting with people of other cultures, you’ll find just how massively they vary from your own. Different cultures prefer different types of cuisine, methodologies, and social expectations. You could also try to learn the native languages.
  • Unearth history and understandcultures more extensively than a book can ever project.While travelling and exploring, you’ll always play the part of a discoverer. You will understand that there is so much beyond indigenous texts and fascinating styles of art that has the shaped places to what they are today.
  • You’ll build independenceand confidence as yourange over different places and customs.Traveling is a test of your patience and endurance.Don’t expect the obvious. A lot of times rides show up late, suitcases burst open, boarding passes get lost, and it all usually happens at the same time. Traveling teaches everyone how to improvise.

But most important of all, travelling helps you gain new insights about your own culture and in the process, you will happen to discover the most beautiful thing; yourself!

 Kaarwan aspires to develop a pool of informed professionals who are abreast with the core issues facing the nation. They carefully curate tours as a combination of sightseeing and hands-on learning opportunities. With this aim in mind, they take along young professionals on travels across the country to help understand such problems early in their careersand direct their energies towards solving them.

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