Gar “WAH”

Juili Kulkarni

If you were asked when did you last relish chicken masala cooked in a chulha, would you be able to recollect? Yes, No, May be. Don’t worry. Garva comes to your rescue. Serving lip smacking food, all cooked in chulha, Garva will help you create fond memories. Situated right at the top of evergreen Yeoor hills of Thane, Garva stands by its name and offers a soothing experience, courtesy comfortable seating arrangement, good lighting, tall trees and beautiful flowers. The moment you enter the restaurant, a cool breeze caresses you and inadvertently you exclaim kay masta garva aahe!   

The food menu of Garva boasts of a plethora of dishes, with each dish having its own unique identity. The unique selling proposition of the restaurant is the appetizing food that is cooked in chulha. “The taste of the food that is cooked in chulha is unmatched and we at Garva want to serve people with such food that has become as rare as a unicorn”, exclaimed Sadhana Pradhan, owner of Garva. One of the exotic starters called Dum Chicken is prepared in an unbelievable fashion, where the chef with no hesitations inserts the vessel containing chicken in the chulha and then allows the chicken to cook. Chicken Handi is yet another delicious item that is irresistable. For the vegetarians too, there are ample of dishes to choose from. “Dal khichdi and Dal tadka are big hits and veggie lovers relish them a lot”, averred Sadhana Pradhan.

Apart from the regular dishes, Garva brings to you Paaya soup, Bheja fry, Chicken Gawati, and Chicken Agri, to name a few. “We strive to serve that kind of food, which is not easily available in every other restaurant”, stated Sadhana Pradhan. It is believed that 80% of the taste of food is determined visually whereas the taste buds just influence 20% of the taste of the food. The food at Garva adheres to this belief and strives to present the food in an impeccable way.The preparation is delicious and at the same time healthy. Just like the top quality food, the service staff is equally good and proactive.

A visit to Garva is a must not only to lure your taste buds but also to have a peaceful time with your loved ones.


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