‘Fiternal’ly Strong

Prathamesh Deshpande

Going to a gym has become more of a status symbol rather than a mean to stay fit and healthy. Typically, a gym boasts of state of the art equipment, large floor space, expert trainers, among many. However, in Thane we have one such place that not only provides the basic facilities but has broken the shackles of a conventional gym and went a step further in redefining fitness. J&U Fiternal started by young and budding fitness enthusiasts is nothing less than a vibrant place.

The ‘J’ and ‘U’ of J&U Fiternal, Mr. Jay Dudhane and Ms. Unnathi Bandelkar, respectively, speak very fondly of “Knock Out”, where people are trained in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Inside the gym, there is a professional fighting octagon cage which helps the fighters to train with a better perspective of professional MMA tournaments. “What’s different about us as a full-fledged MMA facility is that we have an in-built cage of professional standards. No other facility in Thane has this kind of system,” averred Ms. Unnathi. She opined that the MMA fighters in India who are meant to represent our country in international tournaments and matches cannot do so because of the lack of infrastructure and facilities during their training phase. “In most international events, when our Indian fighters are pitched against the foreign fighters, they lose because it’s the first time that they are stepping into the ring,” she added.

The International Fighters League organized at J&U garnered participation from more than 50 fighters including two from Afghanistan. The two in-house fighters went on to win against their respective opponents because of the professional grade training they received at J&U’s Knock Out.

Based on the principle of promoting the sport rather than selling it, J&U offers a plethora of facilities from sculpting a great physique to building a strong body – both, physically and mentally. The young guns in the form of Jay and Unnathi are doing a fabulous job in spreading awareness about healthy living.

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