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Atmaja and Akanksha Bopardikar have made a powerpacked start to their career in short film making, thanks to the success of “Until Death” and “Blink”, their two short films, under the banner of Anthelion Films.

The recently released “Blink” has made a strong mark on the global canvas as it has been selected to be screened at the Philip K Dick International Science Fiction Film Festival. Not many Indian sci-fi films are honoured with this opportunity. The Bopardikar sisters have indeed made the country proud with their work. “We have received a lot of praise and appreciation for this from film-makers in the US and Europe whereas, in India a lot of people have told us that the film has left them feeling very intrigued and curious in the end. Even the critical feedback has been very constructive”, averred Akanksha.

Prior to “Blink”, the sisters were involved in the making of a short film named “Until Death”, which garnered tremendous appreciation from across the world. This film was screened in a film festival in France and USA.

The elder sister Atmaja has studied Film Making from Sheffield Hallam University, UK. The knowledge that she has gained while pursuing her Masters in Film Making gives her a competitive edge over her peers. “Art in any form inspires me but films particularly intrigue me because it’s a holistic experience. Unlike only writing or music, film combines both these elements to narrate a story this transporting one into the world of the characters”, averred Atmaja. She looks up to the work of Stanley Kubrick, Christopher Nlan, and Kathryn Bigelow for inspiration. Her favourite short film is “Doodlebug”.

Unlike her elder sister, Akanksha did not undertake any course in Film Making. The younger of the Boparikar sisters has an MA in International Business and Management from University of Westminster, London. I was always fascinated by cinema as a child. Movies or pictures have a way of taking the viewer on a journey of the protagonist whether it be real or fiction. Cinema is one of the only forms of art that can take you away from your living reality on a journey to a spaceship away in the milky way without even getting on it. She seeks inspiration from the world renowned film makers like Christopher Nolan, Ingmar Bergman, and David Fincher.

The two sisters have clearly defined their roles and they unequivocally complement each other well.  Up next in the pipeline are two sci-fi short films and a web series that the dynamic duo is working on.








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