Covert Cafe

With the tremendous boost in Thane’s food culture, it is more often the ambience that attracts foodies than the food itself. Located in Wagle Estate – Thane’s industrial and commercial area, Covert Cafe lives up to its name. It is hidden away from the rush and hubbub of the city life. The ambience is inspired from the industrial set up around it with quirky bulbs sticking out of water pipes and walls made of patra. The restaurant’s space is divided into two floors. The upper floor, although being the smaller one, gives a perfectly balanced vibe of Central Perk meets Pop Tate’s. This floor is often secluded for private parties and gatherings. A genius conceptual set up places the DJ half way into the air, allowing them to cater to crowds on both storeys.

Starting with drinks, Covert Cafe has mocktails inspired from traditional Maharashtrian drinks like panha and kokum serbet along with their own twists on typical mocktails like Virgin Pina Colada. An undebatable winner in mocktails is the Mad Mango. This brilliant drink reminds you of the simple panha while the rim is lined with namak-mirchi­ that brings out zing and childhood memories.


Moving on to starters, the Chicken Barbecue Wings have an amazing sauce which the chef has abundantly poured over the chicken. The presentation is clean and appeasing with the only drawback of this dish being that it has chicken pieces, not wings. The Corn ka Cheese Balls are perfectly crispy and well complimented by the coleslaw salad. Our only demand to truly enjoy this dish would be more cheese.

The sandwiches in Covert Cafe have a distinctive element – Panini instead of normal bread. The grilled Panini bread added a smokiness to the sandwiches no matter if it was the vegetarian Ghaaspoos sandwich or the chicken Joey’s sandwich. The king of all the sandwiches in Covert Cafe, however, was the Holy Double Whommy sandwich which had ham, bacon and tuna with oodles of mayonnaise. This is definitely the go-to sandwich for red meat lovers, and we have no complains here with regards to the taste, the quantity or the perfect fries on the side dish.

If you go ahead and try the sizzler at this cafe, you’ll find a neater presentation than other places. This is a major advantage as none of the elements of the sizzler borrow tastes from another. We found ourselves licking the remains of the delicious wine-based sauce till the very end.

Satisfied to the core, we didn’t have space to order any more food but here’s the clincher – the pizza’s here are rectangle. We knew we just had to try this exclusive dish and we have no regrets. The Quattro Pizza was loaded with meat and cheese, and the base was thin crust. When we tried to pry a piece away, the cheese stretched for what seemed like miles. The satisfaction of eating a pizza that tasted incredible, was not solely bread, and had stringy cheese was the perfect end to our experience at Covert Cafe.

To add to the benefits, there is ample parking space and they specially cater to private and corporate parties.


– Vedanti Shinde


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