Some of us might be gobsmacked to see these pictures of young students from abroad deeply engrossed in making Ganesh idols. As a part of the Rotary Youth Exchange programme, Thane is housing two students from Brazil and one from Belgium.

Recently, Rotary Club of Thane Uptown joined hands with Balkum Vidya Prasarak High School to organize a workshop on Ganpati idol making. Alongside their Indian counterparts, Melina (Belgium), Laura and Luiza (Brazil) were also seen taking keen interest in the workshop. Training on the basics of idol making was imparted to the students, and in no time, all of them grasped the techniques with ease.

“It was wonderful to make the Indian God. I showed my work to my mother back home and she was super impressed. I never expected to do something like this, but believe me it was a great feeling. Next week we will be learning about painting the Ganpati idol”, elucidated Melina Finet. Luiza Queiroz averred, “The Indian culture is amazing, very different from what we have in Brazil. It was a wonderful experience making the Ganesh idol. The teachers as well as the fellow students were very helpful”.

These enthusiastic kids, who are here in India as a part of the Rotary Youth Exchange programme, have given a foreign “touch” to our very own Lord Ganesha. This experience could be probably one of the biggest take-aways for them, who seem to have immersed themselves in making beautiful Ganpati idols.

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