Prathamesh Deshpande

With a number of Indian festivals right around the corner, shopping is a prerequisite for the preparatory phase, something that we take delight in as much as the actual festival. While it is important that all the things that constitute a pooja thali have been bought and assembled, it is also important to dress right in the essence of the festival and the ethnicity.

Lagoon, a men’s clothing store in Thane might just suit the needs of all the boys and men seeking to fulfil their every need for clothing. Keeping in mind the festive season, Mr. Akshay Bauva of Lagoon described the different styles of kurtas sold here, while mentioning the favourite, which is their bestselling one yet. “Earlier, kurtas used to be cut in a straight line. Now, a more unique cut style with different prints is trending,” averred Mr. Akshay. He talks fondly about their crowned jewel, the denim kurta. “The denim fabric was previously used only for jeans, and later shirts and jackets. But now, it is being used for making attractive kurtas. This remarkable denim fabric material has been out bestselling material for the past three years. The original denim fabric is first softened and then made into a kurta,” he added.

The denim kurta has been attracting attention from a lot of adolescents. “The youth prefer to wear this for their farewell parties, traditional days, among many events. Not only the young men, but also the middle-aged prefer the denim kurta now. Nowadays people refrain from wearing anything that is heavy and rather opt for something lighter and casual that would also look unique,” elucidated Mr. Bauva.

The Indian festive season that would start from September would go on until December. With designs available for each and every size and shape, Lagoon offers a wide range of ethnic, as well as formal and casual wear for men. The latest “Buy One Get One Free” offer valid till September on casual and formal wear is a cherry on the cake for all those looking to get themselves an upgraded wardrobe.

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