A small town boy making his way to Hollywood. Did that sound like a movie premise to you? Well, this is the premise of Shreyas Kandekar’s life, a lad from Nashik who turned his love and passion for music in his profession and has anadmirable career today. From a small town boy, Shreyas is now a known face in sound engineering and sound mixing and has worked on two Hollywood movies.Shreyas has also worked with Architects (UK) and Kartikeya (Russia). He interviewed Architects from UK when they were inIndia for their last leg of their album gig “Daybreaker”.Though he has a glowing path ahead in the US, he plans to return to his motherland and work for Bollywood since he wants to give sound engineering its much deserved place in one of the biggest industries of India. In a candid interview with KYT, he talks about his journey, his role models, his aspirations, etc. Excerpts…

How did you think of making your career in music?

Music has always been my passion and even in school when others were busy with typical Hindi songs, I used to indulge in metal and rock. I realised my passion in music at an early age, and thankfully my parents too supported me at every step. I remember my parents asking me, “Are you sure you know what you are doing?” and when I replied positively, I had their consent.

I was one of the founding members of a rock band in Nashik called Chaoskampf and released myfirst debut EP album “Rise and Reconstruct” worldwide on August 31, 2013. I was the singer, songwriter, lyricist and composer for this album.

You studied management. Does that help you in your career?

Definitely it helps me! I did my Bachelors in Business Administration in marketing and entrepreneurship. It helped me in marketing of my work which, in turn, made my work grow and was highlighted. People got to know what I’m uptoand quality of it only after I showcased my abilities, thanks to my education.

What efforts did you take in order to excel in your field?

I did a certificate in music performance in Piano from Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music under globally acclaimed musicians like Steve Zerlin, Tom Brislin, Michel Sajrawy, Phil Maturano and Alex Pinto, Prasanna Ramasamy, etc. I completed my one year Diploma in Music technology at The Media Tribe where I learnt Audio Engineering under A​shish Manchanda, the ace sound engineer and Grammy Winning Producer of Michael Jackson’s records. I also graduated from Audio Engineering and Post Production for Films and Television from Musicians Institute, Hollywood, California. I have been studying the Indian Film and Music Industry for some time by now.

How did going to Hollywood benefitted you?

I was blessed to have Grammy award-winning engineer and producer Francis Buckley Mikal Reid, Michael Binikos, Adam Kagan, and Maurizio ‘Otto’ De Togni as my mentors. They helped me understand the nuances of sound engineering better. Getting mentored by Emmy Award winning motion picture sound editor Solange Schwalbe was one of the best things that has happened to me. I also got to be mentored by Gregory Heiner, Orlando Rashind and Mark Cross.

What are you working on currently?

I have finished working as a chief sound editor (Post Production) for ‘Sing in Me, Muse’ in 2016. I recently finished my second film in Hollywoodas a post-production supervisor and re-recording mixer. I’m also working on another project here. With the information and resources I developed over the last decade I hope to minimise the gap between both the worlds and make this a success in services. However, to minimise the gap, I need to have the necessary coordination between professionals who are working with both industries. That is why I came up with West Harmony’s Business Model with Michael Binikos. I now have a team of ace sound engineers who have won Multiple Emmy Awards and a lot manypeople who are already working successfully in Hollywood.

Do you wish to continue in Hollywood only?

Not at all! I wish to come back to India and work with Bollywood. I feel Bollywood has underestimated the potential of music and background score. The movie cannot have ‘the’ impact if the music and sound are not in proper order. There are so many new technologies in the music and sound sector that are able to take the movie-watching experience to a new level. I want to utilise them in Bollywood so that it can take the Bollywood movies to another level.

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